[GM]Casca Application *NEW*



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    [GM]Casca Application *NEW*

    Post  [GM]Casca on Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:55 pm

    Hey Team, i like this Game Wink

    With this Thread I would like to apply as Game master, in order industriously to support the team of Metin35.
    I know the Game Yitian aka. Metin2 am that it in Germany was published, that am about 2 1/2 year ago and/or 3 years arround.

    I have many Fun on this Game, i dont like Cheaters.

    The Team need more help in the "Thema" Cheaters / Hackers "Hunting"!

    I have Ideas "how" we can it make Wink

    The commands and I instruct an eternity I once as Game Master at that time there was responsible already from Metin know. All experiences which I collecting knew until today I gladly would continue to carry and the Metin35 team would thus support.

    I have on the day about 8-14 hours time, thus can I about players worry, these care for or also disputes between several players clarify.

    How does my slogan read?

    Who fair plays remains longer on!

    One should be set up rules, be also considered no, not any but rules. For this I have also times a list attached by me was in such a way set up.

    No, we do not need Cheater, Cheater make the server only unnecessarily broken, if he goes to off-lines then sometime is all sour and to give " Team" the debt for it, many see it not they the server to broken making.

    A further rule should be it that the own realm no Metinstones to steal itself among themselves should.

    This is stupid when 20 Players fight with one Metin No

    So is now the Rulez, when ONE Player have a Metin take a Screenshot, come a other Player and Attack the Metin make a next Screenshot and send it to the Team.

    So become the Player 1 Day Ban for "Kill Stealing".

    The Shout or Chat use in next time only ONE language, this is English!

    Dont Accept a Player the Rule, become he 1 Day Ban.

    I hope now this i can the Team help Wink

    Greets, [GM]Casca

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    Re: [GM]Casca Application *NEW*

    Post  daniela on Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:29 am

    Yea i like it. make game better Smile

    Sorry my bad english ^^

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    Re: [GM]Casca Application *NEW*

    Post  DeSmOn on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:46 am

    lol man the idea with the screen shot when u see a metin its stupid because nobody will do that and btw u have to ban a lot of people for ks like half of server Twisted Evil

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    Re: [GM]Casca Application *NEW*

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