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    [GM]Devastator Application

    Post  Devastator on Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:00 am

    Name: David
    Age: 22
    Country: Polnad
    Languages:Polish, English, weak German.

    Something about me:

    Adventure with Metin2 I started 2 yeras ago. In this time I create 2 high lvl characters:Sura Weapon (78lvl) and Warrior Body (76lvl). I want to be a Game Master, because I am very patient, fair, helpful.
    I have very much free time. If a players will need help, i always help to solve the problem .
    i have the ability to learn quickly and objectively look at the issue of.
    I played many games in the MMO type eg - metin2
    I have the basic skill guide irc
    I know how to carry out conversation with people in a nice way.

    thanks for read.

    Devastator flower

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