Applicants for the Game Master


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    Applicants for the Game Master

    Post  rene on Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:44 pm

    Dear Admins / GMs

    I would hereby like a Game Master
    Apply for I do not speak Chinese and
    also not good english but I write
    good English:) I'm 13 years old I
    longjuyt2 games every day at least 6-8

    why I want to be game master, I would like to help other users to solve their problems, I am very friendly to me infos:

    Name: Rene '
    Age: 13
    Residence: Vienna / Austria
    mood: always friendly
    active? : Yes
    Teamspeak? But as I said yes I can not Chinese and not speak English well I can write good but not speak well: (I Lehrner Support in English course will look and I quickly Lehrner English I'm always with my friends while helping them ingame leveling and monetary to get faster

    (If you need more info so you can write)

    Mfg rene '

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