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    [GM] Application

    Post  WhiTeMaGiC on Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:16 am

    Dear Longjuyt2 Team,
    I would like to advertise me as GameMaster.

    At first some Informations about me:

    My name is Denise Bildner and I am a 16 years-old student from Austria.
    In my spare time I like to play handball,meet my friends,spend my time on the computer and I love to play the computer game Metin2.

    In cause of my knowledge about Metin2 I think I am able to be a GameMaster. During playing your Server,I recognize,that a lot of german and english speaking players need help or informations and so I would like to support and assist them.
    I am always friendly and helpfully to other players and if they have problems or need some help they can ask me everything,whenever they want.

    I spend a lot of time with Metin2 and it is easy to reach me,because during the day I am 6 until 9 hours online.

    I hope with this application you get all the informations you need about me,but if you have some questions you are able to contact me via e-mail.

    I hop to give me the chance to be a Trial-GameMaster for 1 week.

    Yours sincerely,

    Denise Bildner

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